Board of Governors

The Institutional Board of Governors, established by state statute, oversees the operation of Bluefield State. 

About the Board

The Board consists of nine lay members appointed by the Governor, one full-time faculty member, one classified staff employee, and one student.

The Board's duties include:

  • determining, controlling, and supervising all financial affairs of the institution 
  • developing a master plan for the Institutional Compact
  • submitting a budget request to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission  
  • reviewing all academic programs at the institution every five years
  • exercising exclusive authority to approve teacher education programs at the institutional level  
  • administering personnel pursuant to uniform rule
  • administering grievances
  • appointment and dismissal of the President
  • evaluating the President every three years
  • submitting an annual report to the Higher Education Policy Commission regarding the College's Institutional Compact
  • entering into consortium agreements
  • delegating power to the President
  • abiding by existing rules regarding acceptance of advanced placement credit  
  • acquiring legal services
  • setting tuition and fees 
  • rescinding delegation of power to the President when necessary



Mr. Robert Perkinson, Jr. (Chair)
Rev. Garry Moore (Vice Chair)
Mr. Robert Buzzo
Ms. Cathy Deeb
Mr. Norris Kantor, Esq.
Ms. Lois Manns
Dr. Norman Mirsky (Faculty Representative)
Mr. Daniel Frost (Classified Staff Representative)
Mr. Chris Jones (Student Representative)


Governance Policy Manual

Organizational Chart

Board of Governors Training Resources