BOG Policies

Policies available for 30 day comment

The following policies were released by the Board of Governors for a 30-day comment period at the Thursday, August 24, 2017 meeting.

Policy 25: Personnel Administration
At the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission meeting August 11, 2017, the Commission approved the Compensation Management Program for implementation effective September 1, 2017. Bluefield State College needs to revise Policy 25 to adopt the HEPC Compensation Management Program for BSC’s classified employees, to promote alignment with recent changes in WV Code, to be consistent with the Commission’s direction to abandon the Point-Factor-Methodology and Years-of-Service Step Salary Structure that has applied to classified employees, and to proceed with transitioning Bluefield State College toward a best practice market based compensation management approach. The HEPC Compensation Management Program and related documents that will apply to BSC classified employees may be accessed here (please see electronic pages 125 – 175):

Policy 26: Employment of Adjunct Part-Time Faculty
Bluefield State College needs to revise Policy 26 to align this policy with WV Code changes. WV Code used to contain certain references reflected in this policy. The language has been removed from WV Code.

The comment period commences Wednesday, August 30, 2017 and ends Friday, September 29, 2017. Comments should be sent to


Policy No. 1: Change in the organization of colleges, schools, divisions, departments or other administrative units

Policy No. 2: Naming or renaming of buildings or organizational units

Policy No. 3: Harassment

Policy No. 4: Sabbatical Leave

Policy No. 5: Program Review

Policy No. 6: Grade point average for associate and baccalaureate degrees

Policy No. 7: Assessment, payment and refund of fees

Policy No. 8: Holidays

Policy No. 9: Staff Development

Policy No. 10: Alcoholic beverages on campus

Policy No. 11: Awarding of undergraduate and graduate fee waivers

Policy No. 12: Use of institutional facilities

Policy No. 13: Social justice

Policy No. 14: Student rights and responsibilities

Policy No. 15: Student academic rights

Policy No. 16: Faculty development

Policy No. 17: Classified employees

Policy No. 18: Employee leave

Policy No. 19: Academic freedom, professional responsibility, promotion, and tenure

Policy No. 20: Ethics

Policy No. 21: Standards & procedures for undergraduate admissions

Policy No. 22: Travel

Policy No. 23: Assignment of academic credit & financing noncredit instruction

Policy No. 24: Presidential appointment, responsibilities and evaluation

Policy No. 25: Personnel administration

Policy No. 26: Productivity of faculty & administrators and employment of adjunct part-time faculty

Policy No. 27: Measles and rubella immunization

Policy No. 28: Inter-institutional cooperation & sharing between public & private higher education in West Virginia

Policy No. 29: Purchasing

Policy No. 30: Reduced tuition & fee program for state residents who are at least sixty-five years of age

Policy No. 31: Credit card solicitation on the Bluefield State College campuses

Policy No. 32: Making agendas available to the public

Policy No. 34: Disposition of obsolete and unusable equipment, surplus supplies, & other unneeded materials for Bluefield State

Policy No. 35: Catastrophic leave

Policy No. 36: Textbook list

Policy No. 37: Enforcement & penalties for traffic and parking

Policy No. 38: Bluefield State College faculty salary pay plan

Policy No. 39: Employment innovations

Policy No. 40: Grievance procedure

Policy No. 41: Salary policy

Policy No. 42: Hiring policy

Policy No. 43: Research & scholarship misconduct

Policy No. 44: Enrollment management council

Policy No. 45: Institutional bookstore return policy

Policy No. 46: Chemical hygiene

Policy No. 47: Bluefield State College archives & records management policy

Policy No. 48: Campus safety policy

Policy No. 49: Employee wellness

Policy No. 50: Drug & alcohol-free campus & workplace

Policy No. 51: Policy on policies

Policy No. 52: Employment of relatives (nepotism)

Policy No. 53: Extramural grants and contracts administration

Policy No. 54: Information technology acceptable use policy

Policy No. 55: Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action

Policy No. 56: Financial conflict of interest on federal grants policy

Policy No. 57: Fundraising policies & guidelines

Policy No. 58: West Virginia Freedom of Information Act requests

Policy No. 59: Transferability of credits

Policy No. 60:  Awarding Undergraduate College Credit for Prior Learning