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Staff Handbook

Employee Miscellaneous

Change of Address

Consumer Report Authorization

Wellness Program Application

Hiring/Employment (Regular Positions)

Hiring Guide (for Hiring Supervisors and Search Committees)

Advertising Request

Search Committee Responsibilities

Estimated Search Timeline

Sample - Screening Tool

Sample - Candidate Evaluation - Faculty 

Sample - Candidate Evaluation - Staff

Sample - Candidate Evaluation - General

Hiring Department Orientation Checklist

Hiring/Employment (Temporary)

RSE/Extra Help Employment Request

Compensatory Time/Overtime Request Form

Job Description Forms

Non-Classified Staff Job Description- PIQ Word Version

Classified Staff Job Description- PIQ Word Version

Medical Management

Medical Leave Guide

Medical Leave Verification Form for Employee's Medical Condition

Medical Leave Verification Form for Immediate Family Member

Catastrophic Leave Request Form

Catastrophic Leave Donor Form

Return to Work

New Hire Forms

Form I-9

Form I-9 Instructions

Form I-9 “Handbook for Employers, Guidance for Completing Form I-9 (M274)”

New Employee Data Sheet

New Hire Academic Transcript Request Form

Employees Virginia Income Tax Withholding Form VA-4 

West Virginia Certificate of Nonresidence WV/IT-104 Form 

West Virginia Employee Income Tax Withholding Form WV/IT-104

Payroll Direct Deposit Form

West Virginia Pay Card Form

Performance Appraisals

Performance Management Guide for Supervisors of Classified and Non-Classified Employees

EPA-1 Initial Performance Review Form - Classified Staff

EPA-2  3 & 6 Month Performance Review Form - Classified Staff

EPA-3 Annual Performance Review Form - Classified Staff

Performance Evaluation Form - Non-Classified Staff

Performance Pre-Appraisal Form (Optional) - Classified Staff

Performance Goals Form - Classified & Non-Classified Staff