R&D Mission

Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

Vision Statement

Bluefield State College Research and Development Corporation shall be the catalyst to enhance and improve lives through its educational, economic and research activities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bluefield State College Research and Development Corporation is to serve as a catalyst for aggressive community and economic development through high quality education, productive partnerships, and joint ventures that increase educational expertise, collaborative research, and innovative business development fostering diverse employment opportunities.

Values Statement

BSC R&D's code of ethics is built on a foundation of widely shared values. The following basic statements form the core values held by BSC R&D:

  • Commitment to the public good;

  • Accountability to the public;

  • Commitment beyond the law;

  • Respect for the worth and dignity of individuals;

  • Inclusiveness and social justice;

  • Respect for pluralism and diversity;

  • Transparency, integrity and honesty;

  • Responsible stewardship of resources; and,

  • Commitment to excellence and to maintaining the public trust.